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so with retroflexion there is almost invariably retroversion but contrary

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disorganised state of the kidneys is unfavourable to any prolonged

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which is of course the chief symptom numerous constitutional symptoms

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the surface the s mptom of stenosis of the intestines are usu

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nent syphilographers from the earliest discussion of the subject

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moist sugar in a teaspoon as the patient preferred.

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condition of its introduction is that it be buried at least deeply enough

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cases there are signs of a purely venous cerebral hyperemia

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the fluid has a tarry syrupy consistence and if suppuration has occurred

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fers to the fact that men employed to feed young squabs con

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the general judgment of the profession as expressed by the

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sequent vomiting he has been found to be the exception while

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pears. These cells frequently contain pigment. Round uni

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whether any considerable enlargement of the abdomen has really taken

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classes marries and begets one child and after this confinement men

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Kot a single recovery took place in the forty seven cases sta

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sulphate of copper as astringents had better confine

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the same description usually applies to metritis unless it has become

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keeper in a large establishment finding that one of the servants had a

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of the stump they should be destroyed with the thermo cautery. Prog

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mented liquors the stomach is goaded on until reck

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those of momentary suspension of breathing which we often

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uterine muscle passes into it. The Fallopian tube occupies the greater

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are indispensable in some cases especially where the surface has to be

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and round ligaments is the most important element in the production of

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thick walled cyst small thin cysts and the sulci between them should

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case in which there were six. The ostia are either sessile or have

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tory duct or ducts or sum total of all the excretory

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organs which there become the foci of fresh similar growths thus by

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evident as there is no superimposed uterine wall or capsule to prevent

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certain until the removal of the polypus has made impregnation possible.

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acterised by the profusion of leucorrhoea between the periods.

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tinues in each the epithelial surfaces of each may separately continue

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within the closed tube forming a pyosalpinx. Under these circum

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often high when the cause is mild and absorption by the lymphatics into

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through them by means of steel needles a loose flocculent coagulurn

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He found in every instance contrary to the results of Pavy

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stances is to be avoided and treatment ought to be directed to

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women is proverbially hard to find in fact is sometimes im

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down hypothesis and enables the clinician to put his foot down on the


If tlie same saccharine liquid l e diluted with an equal

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or downwards as may seem more convenient. In most cases the incision

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dispensed with by the administration of an emetic an anti

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the result of the inflammatory process described. It

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as they lay high upon the myomatous uterus they were easily amputated.

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On the whole the tendency of the therapeutics of the book

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Professors in private and having their unanimous assent to the

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projection of cells the discus proligerus which contains the ovum

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may then take up the inorganic particles and the vessels on the

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through a vagina which on examination by injection of milk shows no