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dividuals so affected attaining the age of and even years.
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of disease pleurisy or peritonitis for instance but
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uterus will fall forward so that its fundus comes close to the symphysis
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pressed amp c. a sound or clink is heard through the stethoscope
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such circumstances it will be better by venesection to send a
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appearance and unfit for making butter or cheese. These are
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as possible. Masturbation should be prevented by careful supervision
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gynaecology was perhaps best illustrated by the work of Schroeder who
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age advances frequently merge into a second class of uterine dysmenor
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many psychological physicians I see around me some suggestion
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way. or if doubt still remain the mass may be removed for examination.
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connected with the superimposed mucosa which actually forms the
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arteries and heightens arterial pressure. It may also cause some intes
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initiated during the puerperium. When these ligaments remain per
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true the suppuration produces the pus which gives rise to no
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dirty instrument may convey septic germs as of the sound tainted with
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other hysterical symptoms I felt satisfied that the
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seem to have given satisfactory results. The isolating of the
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considerable abdominal distension from this cause. Cases of so called
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membrane altered e. g. chronic diarrhcea dysentery dis
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symptoms existed in other cases of influenza at the
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the os internum. Here again there is a comparative arrest of the
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chemical and vital changes induced by electrolysis of these complex bodies
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anthrax rabies symptomatic anthrax swine erysipelas and
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sleep. I have before mentioned that when digitalis
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of the etiology of pelvic peritonitis would lead us to expect. Inasmuch
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pouch of Douglas obliterated so as to prevent relapse of the displacement.
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and I have cured patients by this medicine who have
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some drops of blood penetrated into the serous cavity than it inflames. This
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strong yet sensitive having a still voice like conscience and
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cure. It is in this way that it cures tetanus sometimes with
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against retraction and the cavity is irrigated with solution of corrosive
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It must be distinctly understood that these observations only apply
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The management of such cases is easy and attended as a rule by
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and weakness also pain in his side and limbs pulse weak fre
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introduction of each of these methods of examination the corresponding
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membranes assume a scarlet color. There is entire loss of
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which exists before puberty and after the menopause appears scarcely
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becomes a source of marital inconvenience and the surface becomes
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