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tinct though not abundant indication of sugar. In one in

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wall some little distance from the uterine cavity. These sutures are

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large gangrenous cancer mass represented the uterus which was itself

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and peritoneum perfectly free from septic mischief moreover in extir

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septum being the body and a tongue shaped projection Fig. c

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mentally with the bacterial diseases but usually without suc

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chemistry and the young plant is thus early enabled to main

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extracted the uterine cavity thoroughly cleared of the secundines and

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can sometimes be prevented by making the patient wear a disc and stem

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with a view of removing the obstruction by mere mechanical

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Pains of a labour like nature are constantly associated with polypi and

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the same distinction or rather goes farther and denies that an ovarian

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removal of the foreign body should be followed by immediate reunion.

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vessels a theory which is supported by the general deposition of the

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to undue pressure. The patient probably suffers pain localised more or

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vent excessive venous oozing during the process of denudation. Should

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peripneumony and enteritis complicated with the epidemic

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general symptoms and the well marked hectic fever diagnostic of the dis

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stomach is empty and its reaction alkaline then the cholera

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operation I performed on the left eye the same day outward

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all attempts at removal must of course be preceded by dilatation of the

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cially I aplace s per cent solution of crude carbolic acid with

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bearing on prognosis is given regarding cases which remained free

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generally both in Great Britain and elsewhere the term haematocele

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the liver at the instant of death and cutting it up at once

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cated from the great abdominal vessels may be heard and are of no

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veloped. The disinfecting power of the mixture is heightened

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elastic ligature is noAV removed or a ligature may be passed through

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brought out in the cases recorded it will be obvious that there should

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from four to five days and changes into a vesicle. The latter

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variety is much commoner in the substance of the cervix where it

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yet recommends the treatment for those cases that do not yield