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time. According to the observation of Jensen and Clark

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extensive lacerations of the perineum or relaxation in the muscular planes

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perty would be easily arrived at. But unfortunately this is

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the cathode. At the anode however decided chemical action

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often retain the structures better in position. Such a pessary holds all

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mend ammonia as a stimulant substitute for wine in those

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tissue may often be distinctly traced should lead the observer to hesitate

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rhoea. It was first described by Dr. Farre in it is generally

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occluded than when it is lodged near the middle of the tube. When

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there is a multiplicity of arrangements required for the relief of the

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closely related to atresia of the single uterus. In one form of the

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puberty in such cases continues in a more or less infantile condition

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modern gynaecology than to recapitulate all the procedures recom

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freeing of the uterus and its subsequent ventro fixation becomes jus

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ointment of cocaine. Internally bromide of potassium and occasionally