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relief of pressure symptoms which usually follows a positive application.

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of mammary gland tissue but of fat the gland tubes present being

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kept in a state of continual congestion incompatible

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the human body averages about ohms thus the battery will be

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of the etiology a special interest to the gynaecologist.

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mother s life and welfare should be our main consideration in deciding

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rarely spare blood sponge pressure is the only way of dealing with

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physician in arriving at a complete diagnosis of the case. Take for

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plied additional instances of fingers cut off and stuck on again.

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and uterus are derived from the Mlillerian ducts of the embryo. Fur

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bacteriolytic power ceased if the blood was heated to C.

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ruptured by the hands of the milker. This often leads to scars

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vaginal septum beneath the denuded area and out again on the vaginal

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or follicles the parietes of which are enveloped in

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Haemorrhages occurring shortly after delivery do not fall within the

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handlung ilher Perkussion und Auscultation p.. Which I

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amount and frequency of the haemorrhage. Moreover the electrical

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enough has been already said to show the benefit of

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confesses to have had syphilis and is it so improbable to sup

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a fortnight of the time that the wife was delivered of the

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shown that cases of real phthisis recover temporarily under

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reckoned upon but women pass large stones through the urethra and

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mode of growth with the latter their clinical character is so distinct as

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tation of course diminishes until it ceases entirely

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much injury existed and of so important an organ as the

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conditions the pain and haemorrhage will be so completely relieved in

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desire conscious or unconscious without the opportunity of lawful or

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comfort every general neurosis was attributed to mechanical causes and

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