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the disease is tubercle on the tube rather than tubercle of the tube.

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of its character the profession seemingly forgetting the sep

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rically with antiphlogistic remedies to relieve pain

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is so complete that the tumour becomes more or less separated from its

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inflames the membrane. I have been called in to cases where

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Williams had him bled but only to vi as syncope came

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function is restored and the possibility of conception returns. Subacute

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In urethro vaginal fistula the edges are denuded and sutures passed

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for some time past successfully treated all cases of gonorrhoea

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descended. He begins with the posterior wall of the vagina which was

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infiltration have occurred in a sacro uterine fold or anywhere else it

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has been well appreciated by the medical profession. It is as

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more firmly grounded in the faith. If the new doctrine be

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severe symptoms may yet call for operative interference. Thus the

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surrounds the great vessels of the trunk accompanying their branches

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is not entirely unsusceptible as there appears especially on the

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general practitioner that the diagnosis of cancer in its earlier stages is

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nutrition and a general exaltation of function in which the nervous

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action of the heart fluttering pulse faint. In pro

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characteristics. It is certainly more profuse than the haemorrhage usually

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narcotic which is secondarily sedative may generally

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logically that there is great damage produced by this slow migration.

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is more permanent in its operation other substances

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this case it bites into its own flesh with apparent pleasure and

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are extremely rare the two conditions may be associated. Instances

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tion always arose whether the fever could be typhus

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gers shall be disinfected at railway stations and at authorized crossing

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temperate and though the vessels required unloading the con

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and remove them the remaining slough I leave to separate by itself

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The first case of adenoma of the body of the uterus was described

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layers of epithelium squamous below and like that of the bladder above.

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