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cervical cavity with gauze or the bleeding point may be touched with the

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of death which differs both from cardiac syncope and from

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detect any alteration in the nature of the discs or

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ments become pathological and give rise to troubles that lead the patient

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time from March until July it had attacked hens with a

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lived until March and had no return of her disease. She enjoyed

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baths are therefore useful in relieving pelvic congestion and in cases

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ated compress placed at the vulva. By this means slow and gradual

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A binder made of fine flannel lined with old calico turned well over

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the superficial ami sometimes even of the deep blood vessels.

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may be considered as either retrogressive or progressive. The former

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the cut edge of the peritoneum opposite side of the incision and through

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subject might be looked upon as opposite principles.

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tables electrolytic changes take place with readiness on ac

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resembles the intact bag of membranes in a labour case and has even

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or miscarriage so that the mark left by an abscess is also fairly

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servation of not a few cases and the examination of all works

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by the displacement. But the operation of division of the cervix is by

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year Churchill and Lever had contributed to our knowledge of the

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all appearance and had a livid couutenance and cold extren ities. The

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careful observation of actual disease at the bed side

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and almost translucent the folds and cicatrices being sometimes quite

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the pedicle which may contain large vessels. The operation in every case

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carefully examined. If pus exude from it on pressure the proper course

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large vessels and to permit more solid matters to be discharged. This

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organs in civilised people it is frequently though not necessarily associ

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here assigned might be thought inadequate to the production of

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may become diseased. The skin around the coronet and in


chest less than in most of the others who have had this

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cells liauptzellen. The former probably represent the peptic cells of